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OPINION: A Need for New Thinking


by Wavell Cowan

The daily headlines are telling us something that we ignore at our peril.

From the Big Bang onward, evolution has proceeded in a scientifically understandable manner to create and populate at least one planet in one solar system in an immense universe of such systems, with us — a unique species, homo sapiens. The various processes defining the changing sequential evolutionary paths that have brought us to now, will continue into the future.

Arguably, our current evolutionary path has exhausted its benefits and awaits a directional change. Institutional stagnation and failure are all too evident in the workings of our current economy, and of our educational, healthcare and political systems (witness the Trump phenomenon), and how we treat planet earth.

The full spectrum of political thinking on these issues, from the extremes of the left wing to those on the right and everything in between, is now largely obsolete. It is backward-looking and unable to perceive the impact of changes that are moving us into a different kind of future. We have reached an evolutionary dead-end. A new direction to our thinking is now essential.

That is the thesis of a new book, “Escaping an Evolutionary Dead-End,” which identifies this new kind of thinking that must come to displace the current norm and just how such new thinking will act to change the landscape of our economy, of our educational, healthcare and political system, and our stewardship of planet earth.

These writings are scorned and dismissed by the ideologues and their servant politicians, but offer something fresh for the consideration of those capable of independent, inquisitive and forward looking enquiry.

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