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LETTERS: 8.3.17


Seeking Donations For Literacy


For the third year, I will be hiking up Mt. Mansfield (via the steep and winding Toll Road) in the Race to the Top of Vermont for Everybody Wins. For those of you new to the story, Everybody Wins is a reading/mentoring program in schools throughout Vermont. Adults from the community go into schools for one lunch period a week and read with an elementary school child. The benefits to everyone are pretty wonderful; growth in literacy, community, self confidence, and just plain fun (If you have never read the “Clementine” books, you have a treat waiting!) In these times, literacy and a feeling of connection to community seem more important than ever, so I am even more committed to supporting the organization.

I’m asking readers to go to https://www.givegab.com/p2p/race-to-the-top-of-vermont-2017-89e34d69-fd41-4aae-8916-cba4612f23b0/susan-reid to make a donation to this great program.

I’ll earn it! I am no athlete, and this is quite a walk. I went up in a car with family this summer, and they think that I am a little crazy. (Not as crazy as the folks who run up, or better still, run up, run back down and bike up.) The race is also a benefit for the Cross Vermont Trail Association, so there are some much more hard core athletes in the pack of 700 or so hikers, bikers and runners.

I’ll send photos (and maybe write a poem) to show that I have done it! And I will send thank you notes as well. The race is on Aug. 27, so stay tuned. Time to go out and train. Do what you can for literacy!

Susan Reid, Montpelier


Civility Welcome in Montpelier


I read with great interest the Message from City Hall in the July 20 edition. I would like to commend the city council and mayor for undertaking a process to outline group norms and communications guidelines for themselves. Communicating with others, especially when there is disagreement and differing opinions, is never easy. Respectful civil discourse is more important than ever. I truly hope that the councilors and mayor will do the hard work of holding themselves and each other to the process that they have established, and in so doing, model respectful civil discourse for Montpelier residents of all ages, other similar governing bodies and indeed all Vermonters.

Sylvia Fagin, Plainfield


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