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'The Robot that Lives on Fern’s Head in Vermont'

Illustration by Forrest Carter-Pearson and Julia Barstow

A story by Forrest (age 6) and Fern (age 2) Carter-Pearson, Mas (the Robot), and Bünt (the Bird), in collaboration with Julia Barstow

“Julia, draw a robot with lots of arms, lots of eyes, and lips, with a bird on its head. A robot on Fern’s head that lives in Vermont.” -Fern, age 2

robot named Mas was living on the ceiling in the house. He became a being 3,982 years ago today. Mas started living on Fern’s head one year ago. On Mas’s head lives a bird. The bird was once a chicken and hatched from an apple named Fred at the edge of a field. The bird’s name is Bünt.

When Mas was small he had one arm, a little pincher arm. Over the years and centuries Mas grew many other arms as he encountered new environments and situations.

When Mas first appeared on Fern’s head, she was freaked out. Eventually, she got used to him living there.

The first time Mas saw Forrest was in California, when Forrest was visiting cousins. Forrest promptly fainted. Bünt, the bird who lives on Mas’s head who lives on Fern’s head, flew down to Forrest and revived him by landing on his foot. 

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Forrest woke up and exclaimed, “I’m up! I’m up! Is it time for breakfast?” It was actually 7:30 p.m. at night.

So, Mas, Bünt, Fern and Forrest all went on a walk on top of the roof of a 100 story building. They had a view of the clouds below them. They were looking over the edge of the roof when a gust of wind made them fall toward the ocean below.

Fortunately, Mas had plenty of scuba diving gear, which they all put on midair.

Once they safely landed on the ocean floor far below, Fern began to try to eat Forrest. As he attempted to escape, Forrest fell backward into a shipwreck.

Fern, Mas and Bünt the bird swam in looking for Forrest. Mas pulled open a decaying door, revealing a room full of treasure chests guarded by a Ghost Bear. 

“Go away!” The Ghost Bear shouted at the intruders.

Before the Ghost Bear could chase after the intruders, Mas extended his electric arm, which he grew yesterday, and electrocuted the Ghost Bear.

But, unknown to Fern and Mas and Bünt, there was another intruder in the room.

Mas opened a treasure chest.


Mas feared there was another ghost, but he soon saw that it was actually Forrest hiding in the treasure chest.

They all gathered up the treasure in Mas’s many arms and brought it up on land.

They decided to buy a mansion in Vermont with some of the treasure. They kept the remaining treasure in chests and gave some to a museum.

Forrest, Fern, Mas and Bünt all lived in the mansion in Vermont for the next 3,982 years, by which time Mas had grown 1 million more arms.

–The End

FLEDGLING WRITERS — The youngest contributors to The Breeze Forrest, age 6, and Fern, age 2, with their parents Norman and Victoria. Forrest and Fern eagerly anticipated having their story published and read by a wider audience.