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Making and Sharing Comic Books to Small Groups

Jackson Reeves. Courtesy photo

by Jackson Reeves     

When you notice you are good at drawing comic book art, you may want to write and illustrate your own comic book. You may also want to share it with classmates at school or friends and family. Making comics is quite easy, if you have the right equipment. You first have to get all the pieces of paper that you need, depending on how long you want your comic book to be. Then draw the panels, which are boxes which can be whatever size and shape you want. Draw the characters in the panels. To get your drawings to show up in the copier machine, trace everything in pen. What you just made will be your master copy. Now to copy and print your comic. Scan the master copy into the copier machine and watch the copies of your comic book print out! Now staple each comic book’s pages together. So now you have a pile of finished comic books. Share these with anyone. Good luck with your comic book making!

Comic by Jackson Reeves