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Trash Tramp Rescues and Police Dispatcher Shelters Baby Bird

SAFE AND SECURE — This baby bird, rescued by Trash Tramp Chief Anne Ferguson, was given a nest of shredded police paperwork by Montpelier Police Dispatcher Sharon Olson June 6.

by Carla Occaso

BIRD RESCUER — Anne Ferguson, head of the volunteer anti-littering brigade, Trash Tramps, found a baby bird while picking up cigarette butts on Main Street June 6.

MONTPELIER — A tiny baby bird, nestled in a nest of shredded affadavits and restraining orders, spent a couple of hours safely at the Montpelier Police Department June 6.

Anne Ferguson, head of the Trash Tramps — a volunteer group that meets every Tuesday to pick up litter around the city — said she found the bird while she was picking up cigarette butts in front of Pho Thai Express on Main Street. Its siblings were found dead.

Dispatcher Sharon Olson kept the bird safe while Ferguson figured out what to do with her little ward. She and her partner made arrangements to connect with the Vermont Institute of Natural Science — also bird rescuers — to pick up the bird June 7.
Moose, dogs, cats and baby birds — there is no end to the unusual animal calls the Montpelier Police Department respond to in recent months.


(from Anne Ferguson) “When I heard how frequently young birds need to be fed I knew there was no time to lose so I drove him to VINS. He is a two week old house finch, he is going to be fine. Having the safe and relatively quiet time with Sharon at the police station was a life saver for him.”