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Students Win Awards For Decorating Totes


BARRE CITY — The Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District invited schools and community members to use their creative ingenuity to repurpose unusable compost totes from the District business organics program. The District asked student and community artist participants to paint the totes with an Earth Day theme or upcycle them into something that goes beyond the tote, like a chair or sculpture.

Award checks were presented at the Barre City Elementary and Middle School on Thursday, May 11 for the artistic totes created by the art classes at Barre City Elementary and Middle School and also at the Williamstown Middle High School.

Barre City Elementary and Middle School, 3rd and 4th Grade, Kate Hawley, Art Teacher
“In our design, we as a class are coming together to celebrate recycling and loving the earth! This year, we studied the artist, Keith Haring. We decided to design our tote in his style since we were inspired by his great use of color and design. Haring, a pop artist, liked to create public art and focus on social issues. We thought his style would be a perfect fit for a recycling tote that the public would view while raising awareness around consumer waste.”

Barre City Elementary and Middle School, 7th and 8th Grade, Adrienne Feeser, Art Teacher
“Our tote design was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, in honor of the beautiful earth we live on. We feel Van Gogh’s artwork helps people to understand and recognize the beauty all around us, while reminding us how important it is to be preserved for future generations. We feel it is our duty to help speak up and protect the forests, water, plants and animals, and what better way than helping to promote with a little help from an impressionist!”