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OPINION: Vote “yes” on Article 3


by The Montpelier Development Corporation

Vote “yes” on Article 3 at Montpelier’s special town meeting on June 20. Article 3 relates to Montpelier’s tax stabilization policy. A “yes” vote on Article 3 will make that policy a more effective means for encouraging economic development and job creation within the city.

Tax stabilization is a “smart growth” tool that provides incentives for development. Under the City’s policy, each applicant for tax stabilization is considered on its individual merits. The City Council only grants tax stabilization when it is clear that a particular development will expand Montpelier’s tax base and/or increase the number of jobs in the city.

A tax stabilization policy helps the City attract vibrant businesses to locate their operations in Montpelier, thereby increasing employment opportunities. It also helps retain local business by easing some of the financial burdens of expansion, thereby allowing such businesses to retain existing employees.

A “yes” vote on Article 3 will amend the City’s policy to give the City Council a better tool for attracting businesses to Montpelier and retaining jobs in Montpelier.

Members of the Montpelier Development Corporation:  Joe Evans, executive director; Michael Nobles, chair; Sarah Jarvis, vice chair; Steve Ribolini, treasurer; Cheryl LaFrance, secretary; Elinor Bacon, Tim Heney, Harrison Kahn, Bill Kaplan and Robert Kasow.