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OPINION: Student Voices


Montpelier High School Social Studies Teacher Heather McLane assigned her students to write paragraphs sharing their opinion about an issue that they have studied, support their opinion with a bit of evidence and include a call to action. Below is one of the results.

by Max Griefen


believe that dogs should be able to run absolutely freely in Hubbard Park while in yelling distance of their owner. People bring their dogs to get the exercise they need to live a happy life, and they can’t do that if they are attached to a lead, limited to the speed of their owner. If people were prohibited from letting their dogs run free in Hubbard Park, it would be much less enjoyable for the dog, and in many cases the owner. Dogs are social creatures, and benefit greatly from meeting other dogs off of their leash. In terms of danger to other people, it has been shown that dogs are often more aggressive while attached to a leash with their owner, because their body language is restricted and they can’t greet other dogs the way they normally would; as a result, confusion and tension is caused between the two leashed dogs. If someone has a dog that is known to attack people and other dogs, it is their responsibility to make sure that their dog is properly restrained. But for most dogs, their owner should have every right to let them run by themselves in Hubbard Park.