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LETTERS: 6.15.17


Vermonters Lack Access to Affordable Health Care


I am a nurse who directly sees the current health care crisis playing out each day in the lives of Vermonters. People are not getting their health care concerns addressed initially due to the lack of access and affordability. As a result, individuals are often times waiting until disease processes have escalated much further before seeking treatment. Currently health care in our country is being treated as a commodity, not as a human right. This does not work. The “Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign” is striving to get affordable, accessible, comprehensive health care for all. I am a member of this campaign in hopes that we as a community of people are able to organize together to make this change. Without any immediate solutions coming from Washington, D.C. we need Vermont to step up and show leadership by fulfilling the promise of Act 48. The time for universal health care is now.

Maggie Belensz


Honoring the Paris Climate Accord


Are you, too, fighting mad about Trump pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord? Then let’s fight back three times a day by adopting an eco-friendly plant-based diet.

Yes, our diet is pivotal. A 2010 United Nations report blames animal agriculture for 19 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, 38 percent of land use and 70 percent of global freshwater consumption.

Carbon dioxide is emitted by burning forests to create animal pastures and by fossil fuels combustion to operate farm machinery, trucks, factory farms and slaughterhouses.

The more damaging methane and nitrous oxide are released from digestive tracts of cattle and from animal waste cesspools, respectively.

In an environmentally sustainable world, meat and dairy products in our diet must be replaced by vegetables, fruits and grains, just as fossil fuels are replaced by wind, solar and other pollution-free energy sources.

Each of us has the power to protest Trump’s failure to maintain America’s leadership in moderating climate change, simply and effectively, by what we choose at the grocery store.

Moses Belinie, Montpelier


Roxbury-Montpelier Merger A Scam


I attended the Roxbury-Montpelier school board meeting on the FORCED consolidation of the Roxbury school. I was blown away by the fact that some people and the school board would let our vote be KIDNAPPED. How is this possible or constitutional? The new school board under consolidation would have five members from Montpelier and two board members from Roxbury with 0.5 or half a vote each on the school board budget. Montpelier would write and control Roxbury’s school budget.

Horrendous, a liberal stab to my heart — it’s “taxation without fair representation.” This will be no voting balance — our 500 voters to Montpelier’s 7,160 votes. So if we see the school budget skyrocket, and it will, we will not be able to vote the school budget down ever again as we did a year ago. This Act 46 is just another example of the liberal agenda working to stop the no votes on school budgets. Un-American, wake-up Roxbury, your no vote is taken away. I am devastated by this disgraceful law that our liberal legislature has sold our voting rights. They should be ashamed to call themselves Vermonters (FREEDOM AND UNITY) HA YAH, not so. All because they can’t control spending let’s get real.

To control school spending I suggest this legislation.

JUST ONE VOTE on the budget at town meeting. If the budget is voted down at town meeting the school will live with the last year’s budget. Let the voters finally decide. No school come back or deficit spending. That is true voter control. That’s the American way. I ask you to vote no to this scam to control our vote. We can be a stand-alone school. If the state wants a superintendent let them provide one and they can pay for it. We can be a stand-alone school and we can tuition to any school we decide not Montpelier and the state. It’s high time the town took back control of our schools. Act 46 is a liberal band-aid if you do not control school spending it will not work. A just, one-vote law is needed. Let the voters decide.

Roxbury vote NO in June.

To vote yes is like selling your soul to the devil and Daniel Webster is long gone no help.

Vote NOT to save our school. Don’t let your vote be kidnapped.

Dave Santi, Roxbury


Keep School Budgets Under Local Control


Our government is elected to support the well being and prosperity of its citizens. A high quality education system is essential for prosperity.

Vermonters believe strongly that local control results in the highest quality schools, ones that provide the best education for its students and the future prosperity. Control of its budgets, ones that towns create and voters approve, is essential to realize these goals.

What Gov. Phil Scott has proposed will remove local control of a major part of the school budget and put it in state government control. The reason he gives is to save taxpayers $26 million. That’s a lot of money. But that number and the tax savings is just a soundbite. In fact every dollar he proposes to save would be saved without his proposal, by leaving the negotiating process with the people who will pay the bills. The savings will be realized because of an automatic change in health care plans. There is no need for the governor to step in and usurp the authority and responsibility of towns. Nothing will be saved with his plan.

So why is he vetoing a budget he previously approved? He wants to take control of all this money. He doesn’t trust local towns to do with it what he wants them to do with it — return it to taxpayers. After all they might spend some of it on a new bus, fix the roof, etc. But it’s up to the towns to decide what to do with their money. And it’s a terrific sound bite — save $26 million! Who doesn’t want that? It appears to make him the great tax reducer. But it just isn’t so.

In Scott’s world the state knows best, not local school boards. He is attempting to score political points with misleading numbers and arguments. Do not be persuaded: His plan achieves nothing more than local decision makers would achieve. We Vermonters value local control. Our governor should respect that and support it.

Bill Kuch, Springfield

Note: Edited for length


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