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EDITORIAL: At 40 years — Bravo to Lost Nation Theater

Photo by John Snell

by Nat Frothingham

By turns — funny, silly, sentimental, tuneful, fast-paced and colorful — often amazingly profound — with music that’s as alive and live music often is — drums and horns and strings — and with moments both tender and beautiful — the current production of Stephen Sondheim’s musical “Into the Woods” at Lost Nation Theater is so spectacularly good — that upon reflect — you have to wonder.

Wonder about what?

Wonder what it means and has meant as Lost Nation Theater marks the 40th anniversary of its incorporation — that for all these years — has more than just continued — but has continued to present play after play — to name just three — Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House,” unforgettable — “Stone” written by Kim Bent, unforgettable and now “Into the Woods,” unforgettable.

Sondheim sent his arrow right into the bull’s-eye with “Into the Woods.” He reminds us that there’s nothing settled about life. There are always rivers and deserts to cross, hills and mountains to climb — and the forest.

The present time — so big with promise, speed, opportunity and excitement — so filled with danger, ruin and sudden death. Somehow relaxing with the storybook figures we know so well, gives  us a welcome break from reality and a chance to resupply ourselves with charity and hope.

Bravo, Lost Nation Theater. Bravo to artists everywhere who take us where we are — to someplace else — and back again — and change our lives.

Sondheim’s “Into the Woods” continues at Lost Nation Theater through Sunday, June 18. For further information, please phone 229-0492 or go online to:  lostnationtheater.org.