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EDITORIAL: Welcome to Our Spring Fundraising Campaign


The Bridge                                                                                                                                        

In many ways — and other people have noted this as well – our best and most effective efforts to protect our water and land, to improve our schools, to provide opportunities for youth, to build a self-sufficient local economy — our best efforts, I believe, are the efforts we put out where we are — locally.

At The Bridge — we are doing what we can do – but we can do more – and must do more in covering and explaining the stories that are coming at us.

The Bridge needs you to continue your valued support of our community project.

Please Help The Bridge Write More Stories

We know that people want us to write more stories than we are presently capable of writing. More coverage of City Hall, the Planning Commission, arts, culture and education. We constantly hear from people who are suggesting great story ideas. Often we need an experienced writer to dig into a complicated story and explain to our readers what’s important and what’s happening. We ask for your help so we can better meet your needs.

Please Help The Bridge Expand Its Online Presence

For a number of years, The Bridge has posted its current and past issues of the paper on its website. We are now posting breaking news stories in between issues on our website. We need to continue to expand our online news and information presence.

Please Support us in Applying for (IRS) Tax-Deductible Status

On January 1, 2017, The Bridge became a fully-fledged (State of Vermont) not-for-profit organization owned by the community and governed by a community board of directors. We are now applying for federal (IRS) tax-deductible status. This status would allow us to apply for grants from foundations and government agencies and the like. It would also make it possible for individuals who donate money to The Bridge to take an income tax deduction.

Applying to the IRS for tax-deductible status can be a long process and The Bridge needs help to pay for the administrative expenses in qualifying for tax-deductibility.

We have set a goal of $30,000 for this spring 2017 campaign to benefit The Bridge.

Please help us by writing a check made payable to “The Bridge” at this address: The Bridge, P.O. Box 1143, Monrpelier, VT 05601.

Or visit The Bridge office and drop off a check. We are located in Stone Science Hall on the campus of Vermont College of Fine Arts. If you need help with directions, please phone me at 223-5112.

Thanks in advance,

Nat Frothingham

The “Mountain Manifesto”

For the past several years — in our second April issue — The Bridge has concentrated its editorial focus on our local commitment to “Food & Farming.”

In addition, as a part of our “Food & Farming” issue — this year as we mark the 47th anniversary of “Earth Day” on April 22 — The Bridge salutes a small, but determined, group of Vermonters who have produced a compelling narrative called “The Mountain Manifesto.”

That “Manifesto” calls attention the heedless destruction of industrial wind development that is currently threatening Vermont’s irreplaceable mountaintops and ridgelines.

In the spirit of solidarity and resistance, The Bridge both endorses and includes this “Manifesto” and its timely call to protect our mountain resource.