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Lyndon State College Launches Climate Change Science Degree


In 2016, the Earth reached its warmest year on record — for the third consecutive year. With higher temperatures around the globe, climate change is indisputable. Melting glaciers, rising sea levels, more frequent weather disasters — the impacts of global warming are pervasive and growing.

Lyndon State College recognizes a crucial need for trained professionals to find solutions to these challenges. The college’s new bachelor of science degree in climate change science, to be launched this fall, is designed to give students the skills to confront problems caused by climate issues.

The cutting-edge program will train students to apply their skills in a variety of areas affected by climate change, including renewable energy, public policy, climate risk management and urban and natural resource planning.

One of few such degree programs in the country and the only one in Vermont, the innovative major is part of the college’s nationally known Atmospheric Sciences department.

“Climate change may be the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. We are altering our atmosphere in a way that is changing our climate and impacting all life on our planet,” says Janel Hanrahan, assistant professor in Lyndon’s Atmospheric Sciences department. “These impacts are expected to escalate, and our atmosphere will likely be altered for thousands of years into the future.”

A new website, the Climate Consensus, features faculty blogs and content from students, articles and social media pages and is a way for the public to give input. Visit http://www.theclimateconsensus.com/.

For more information about the Climate Change Science program, visit LyndonState.edu/ClimateChange.