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Festival of Trees and the St. Paul Street Tree Project

SPS Tree Stewards Outdoor Classroom — 5th Grade Students plant trees and study Red Oak Arbor Day last spring

The SPS TREE PROJECT was launched a year ago at the First Festival of Trees on January 24, 2016. St. Paul Street, over the past decade, lost 10 large trees, mostly maples, to damage from storm drain upgrades, sidewalk salt, and soil compaction. Working together, members of the project planted 23 trees on St. Paul Street last year to create a natural system to mitigate climate change problems such as temperature extremes and stormwater runoff.

The tree planting aspect of the SPS Tree Project also addresses improving neighborhood soil quality for the trees, increasing habitat for birds and other urban wildlife, increasing flowering fruit, berry and nut trees for stressed pollinators, improving air quality in the neighborhood, and providing an outdoor classroom for teaching next generation science standards to elementary and middle school students through tree stewardship.

The SPS Tree Project is a collaboration between St. Paul Street residents, a number of AmeriCorps and International Peace volunteers, the Baird Street Apartments, S & R Services, Heney Properties, the Lighthouse Christian Church, the Montpelier Parks and Trees Department, the Montpelier Tree Board, the Green Mount Cemetery, and the Norm Hudson Tree Nursery at the North Branch Nature Center.