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OPINION: New Year’s Predictions


by Morgan Brown, Montpelier

In 2017 and beyond, after he is officially sworn into office, the following is predicted to occur under President Donald Trump’s administration:

  • President Trump’s Treasury Secretary will replace existing United States currency of all denominations, both coin and paper bills, with ones bearing the image as well as the name of President Trump;
  • All current as well as forthcoming U.S. postage stamps, including metered stampage, will be replaced with ones bearing the image as well as name of President Trump;
  • The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag will henceforth be edited to read “…, one Nation under President Trump, ….” rather than the existing “…, one Nation under God, …;”
  • The U.S. Constitution will be abolished and replaced by one authored solely by President Trump and his family err… cabinet as well top advisors;
  • The U.S. Congress will be disbanded entirely and not replaced;
  • There will no longer be a need to name new U.S. Supreme Court Judges as that body will too be entirely disbanded and not replaced;
  • Political opponents, dissidents as well as comedians and any members of the media and political cartoonists who dare to speak against — or otherwise speak poorly of — the administration in any manner whatsoever could face potential long-term federal prison sentences and/or deportation (beginning with the former Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party);
  • Political as well as other types of prisoners will be put into forced labor with which to build the wall along the Mexican border, but Mexico will still be forced to pay for everything else associated with building it, including the building materials, one way or another;
  • Anything President Trump has previously done before taking office or does and puts into action from here on out shall be considered above the law and any existing law or policy that would imply or claim otherwise will be set aside and repealed;
  • There shall no longer be any term limits for those holding the office of U.S. President and President Trump will appoint himself President and Commander-In-Chief for life.