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A REFLECTION: Thinking About Hillary in the Shower


by Garrett Heaney   

We all feel dirty right now, don’t we America? We could all use a good shower. We feel dirty for so many reasons, and we’ve been feeling this way long before the so-called “election” process imploded into the dumpster fire that is a President-elect Donald Trump.

Frankly, Bernie Sanders would have provided the type of cleansing, and refreshment, warmth and comfort that I desperately need. But that water was shut off at my house, and redirected, for many in my neighborhood into a much colder utility that, while providing water that was tolerable for bathing, didn’t provide the quality of shower that most of my neighbors preferred — lukewarm at best, but often cooler than body temperature, enough to make you uncomfortable, but still feel mostly clean (on the outside).

A few days ago, this water too was shut off for almost everyone else in the neighborhood and all that is left is frigid, shockingly uncomfortable water that you have to jump in and out of each day without ever feeling especially clean, and things like actual hygiene and cleanliness have become a mystery for most. I wish I could say it’s not my water, but then, I wouldn’t have any water at all. And that condition hasn’t hit my neighborhood, yet.

Garrett Heaney is the proofreader of The Bridge and a local artist. His work can be seen at ahny.us.