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Grassroots Task Force Aims To Create New Fitness Center

MONTPELIER — A formal group has formed and is working towards creating a recreational facility to address the gap left behind by the closing of the downtown First in Fitness. The Montpelier Indoor Rec and Aquatics Task Force is meeting regularly. For now the group is doing market research and looking at the feasibility of creating a space that is affordable, accessible and sustainable, and which offers services that improve the quality of life for the local community. An indoor pool is part of the discussion. Montpelier Indoor Rec and Aquatics Task Force expects to involve the public soon with a survey and another open public meeting. For further information feel free to contact Dot Helling at dothelling@gmail.com.


City Clerk’s Office Hosting House, Senate Candidate Forum on ORCA

MONTPELIER — Montpelier City Clerk John Odum hosted a candidate forum over ORCA public access cable, Wednesday, Oct. 19 at 6 p.m. The event was held in ORCA’s Montpelier studio and featured a question and answer period, first with the four candidates for State House of Representatives in Montpelier (Washington-4), followed by a session with candidates for Washington County Senate (Incumbent Senators Ann Cummings and Anthony Pollina, as well as challengers Josh Fitzhugh and Francis Brooks all agreed to attend).

Each forum will lasted approximately 50 minutes. The event will broadcast on several dates (to be announced) over public access cable between the 19th and election day, Nov. 8.


Quirky Pet Shop Owner Donates To Spay/Neuter Program

MONTPELIER — Cindra Conison, owner of The Quirky Pet, recently announced that her shop is heading towards $1,000 donated to VT CAN (a spay and neuter clinic in Middlesex) for the spaying and neutering of the dogs and cats of low income Central Vermont families. Every time a customer in her shop asks to take a picture of the three Quirky Pet sheepdogs, a donation is requested. The donations have been rapidly adding up. Conison has been heard paraphrasing a famous baseball star of the mid-seventies, Chico Esquala: “Leaf season been berry berry goo’ to me.”


Markstein Joins Tree Board

MONTPELIER — Emily Markstein has climbed aboard the Parks and Trees Board. Markstein is the new Park ECO AmeriCorps member who joined for the last few weeks and will be with the Board for a year, according to a recent city manager’s report. Markstein “has already jumped in deep, spending a rainy day deep in the woods working on habitat restoration with one group and several days doing invasive management with a couple groups. Emily has a great smile and spirit, and has already made a positive impact on our parks.  Markstein’s focus will be on watershed-related improvements, i.e. habitat improvements and sediment control on roads and trails,” City Manager William Fraser wrote.


National Group Helps City Remove Invasive Plants

MONTPELIER — The City has gotten help from a National Civilian Community Corps group, according to a report from City Manager William Fraser. The group “that came to us for three days has been working on a couple Habitat for Humanity houses in the area, but also helped us pull out hundreds of huge invasive honeysuckle plants in the North Branch River Park, as well as out of a Class 1 wetland area, a special and high level wetlands habitat we are very happy to be taking care of.  They also worked with park staff and the Department Of Labor crew to replace our lumber rack with one that has a much better design, along with a structure that has integrity.”

AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps) is a full-time, team-based residential service program for individuals ages 18 to 24. NCCC members are organized into 10- to 12-member teams and serve in local communities in all 50 states and U.S. territories,” according to nationalservice.gov.


Winston Presents Films Of The Sixties

Marcello Mastroianni, an actor in Frederico Fellini's movie "8 1/2."
Marcello Mastroianni, an actor in Frederico Fellini’s movie “8 1/2.”

MONTPELIER/CALAIS — Rick Winston, former co-owner of the Savoy theater and film history instructor at the Montpelier Senior Activity Center, will present a three-session seminar on “Films of the 1960s,” both in Montpelier and Calais.

The 1960s was a time of turbulence and change, in films as well as in society. We’ll examine how the films of this era reflect their times — and how they affected the culture in turn. The sessions in Montpelier will be on three Monday nights in November (Nov. 7, 14 and 21) at ORCA Media; while the ones in Calais will be once a month on Saturday afternoons (Dec. 4, Jan. 8, Feb. 4) at the home of Barbara Weedon in Adamant.

The first session will be an overview of the masters of foreign film during this period, plus a look at the various influential trends in national cinemas, such as the French “New Wave.” The second will examine how foreign directors influenced American ones, both technically and thematically. The third session will focus on American films that grappled with issues of racism, violence and Cold War politics.

The price for one session is $40, with attendance at all three of  $100. To reserve a place or for more information, contact Rick by email at winsrick@sover.net or call 454-7103.