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The Breeze: How I Almost Met Bernie Sanders


by Bethany Brush

Writer Bethany Brush, 9, recounts her 'brush with Bernie at The Bridge offices while preparing to write for The Breeze.
Writer Bethany Brush, 9, recounts her ‘brush with Bernie at The Bridge offices while preparing to write for The Breeze.

It all started when I founded the Bernie Club at my elementary school. I wanted to do this because I really support Bernie Sanders for president. I really like how he supports making college free, also I like how he talks about the 99 percent.

Bernie Sanders was already a hero to the kids in my 4th grade class. The first kid who signed up was not only one of my friends, she was also a great politician.

We started off meeting at the school library during recess every Monday. Eventually all the kids that were into politics joined. We decided too many kids were in the club just because they wanted to skip recess, so we decided that anyone who joined had to write a paragraph. That idea was shut down. A few weeks later the school principal, Mr. Hennessy, said there were too many kids in the club. Pretty soon after, we moved out of the school library to a room called the “CC” room.

It was getting a little chaotic so we decided to have our own elections. We scheduled an appointment with Mr. Hennessy but he cancelled. The day after the elections (which we organized to have snacks), Mr. Hennessy shut down the Bernie Club because “he didn’t know about the elections.” So we moved the Bernie club to the Kellogg Hubbard Library and changed it to the Y.E.S. Club — short for Youth Elections Society (but secretly we’re still the Bernie Club). We met after school every Thursday at the library, basically what we did was discuss ways to earn money and walk around town going to local businesses asking for donations for Bernie’s campaign, we raised over $70 out of donations. The biggest donation, almost $15, came from the tattoo place. The average donation was $1 or $2. All the donations were cash. We gave all the money to the librarian, and she made an online donation.

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After months of trying to get Bernie elected it was finally the Independence Day parade in Montpelier. I wasn’t really paying attention to the announcements that much. Instead I was buying hair spray and eating bubbles. And then my big brother whispered something to my mother and I said, “What did you just say?”

So my mom told me Bernie Sanders is going to be in the parade. I screamed and wouldn’t stop until it was time for the parade. I met up with all my friends to watch the parade. We waited while a bunch of boring people went by until we saw him. BERNIE SANDERS!! We were screaming on the top of our lungs, “Bernie!” As he got closer we screamed louder until he was right in front of us.

He motioned us over to him, but all the Secret Service guys shooed us away. They pushed their hands out and said “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa” and I wasn’t going to mess with Secret Service guys! There were about a dozen of them circling Bernie; they were white guys with short hair, wearing black which must have been hot.

I know Bernie Sanders isn’t going to be president, but if he made a bunch of nine- and 10-year-old kids care, he made a difference.

The writer, age nine, is going into the fifth grade at Main Street Middle School.