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From Montpelier High School Principal Mike McRaith's Desk

A Solon Salute to Robert Barlow. Robert recently sailed to Bermuda from Puerto Rico on the Corwith Cramer, serving as the primary pilot for a drone that takes pictures of the ocean. Here is an excerpt from Robert’s Blog which explains his work a bit:
MHSUnmanned Research Vehicle“My role on the boat is Unmanned Aerial Research Vehicle (UARV) pilot and technician, as a member of Archimedes Aerospace. Archimedes is a “small Unmanned Aerial System” company based out of Burlington Vermont. For Archimedes, onboard the Cramer, I setup, troubleshoot, fly and fix the SEA Shark II, the fourth revision of a design created to give aerial image data to SEA vessels. This is my third year onboard the Corwith Cramer sailing from Puerto Rico to Bermuda, and the most successful; This year, we were able to gather some 3,500 images of the ocean surface for use by SEA Semester Students and Staff. One such image is the blog picture for today.”MHS Computer Programming
A Solon Salute to William Jestes, Isaac Avery Padberg, Chris Ebersole, David Frey, Ben Crane, and Isaac Mears for representing Montpelier High School and all of Vermont at this past Friday’s Computer Programming Competition at Fitchburg State University. Our two teams competed against 29 teams from around New England and showed amazing tenacity and persistence. Their goal was to write as many programs as they could within a three hour period. (From Ms. Whitney Machnik).
A Solon Salute to Charlotte Brace who was featured in a WCAX news clip for her winning Green-Up-Day poster. Great job Charlotte!
A Solon Salute to all of the 9th and 10th graders for a great job on your exhibitions and Personal Learning Pla  presentations. I saw and heard about great conversations and some beautiful work. Thank you for everyone’s work to improve and strengthen this new tradition of sharing and reflecting. MHS Mr. Bromley
A Solon Salute to Mr. Bromley and the Applied Chemistry Classes. This week they were selling their handmade soaps. Each small group developed their own soap recipe, concept, and package design. They look great, thanks!
A Solon Salute to Anna Bennett, who was invited to attend the Vermont Women’s Fund Annual Benefit Celebration on May 3rd at UVM’s Davis Center in recognition of her outstanding work within her Community Based Learning experience with Vermont Horse Assisted Therapy.  Anna’s Community Based Learning involves assisting with after-school programs, participating in riding lessons, and caring for therapy horses at Pease Farm in Middlesex. She is pictured here with Community Partner Sarah Seidman, VHAT Founder and Program Director. (From Ms. Sarah Loveless).
A Solon Salute to the MHS Booster’s (Theresa, Tammy, Paul and Melissa are pictured here) who collaborated with Montpelier Food Service, Hunger Mt. Co-op & NECI to provide an excellent staff appreciation breakfast. Thank you all so much!
MHS Ultimate FrisbeeA Solon Salute to the MHS Ultimate A Team that won their tournament in Williston called Champlainships, last weekend. Game scores were 15-0, 15-1, 15-1, 15-0, 15-3, 15-8. The real news though, is that in addition to outright winning the tournament they ALSO won the spirit award.  In ultimate, each game you play, teams rate their opponents on 5 categories: Knowledge of the Rules, Fair-mindedness, Body-contact and Fouls, Positive Attitude, and Communication. Those scores are then compiled and whoever gets the most total points wins the spirit award. Not only did Montpelier A win the Spirit Award, but the Montpelier B Team got 2nd for the Spirit Award. Amazing. (From Ms. Anne Watson). (The pictures are from Chrystal Crane, Thanks!).MHS Brian Gallagher
A Solon Salute to Mr. Brian Gallagher for being recognized by the VFW POST 792 Teacher of the Year Award. Mr. Gallagher was honored for his contributions in teaching citizenship and his exemplary modeling of integrity and leadership in our community. Congratulations Mr. Gallagher!