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Expansion Plans for Montpelier’s Studio Zenith


by Ashley Witzenberger

Amy Leventhal at Studio Zenith
Amy Leventhal at Studio Zenith

Just four short years ago, Amy Leventhal opened the doors to Studio Zenith on Main Street in Montpelier. Zenith is a boutique fitness studio specializing in strengthening, toning and conditioning classes, including the very popular Zumba. Amy’s studio philosophy concentrates on how you feel, your level of health and how you feel in your body, not on your weight. Amy and her staff are dedicated to having her students find success at all levels through effective and unique workouts; each class is customized with the students in mind.

A few months ago, Leventhal felt ready to expand her brand by trying something new, and she opened a spinning studio in a second floor space on State Street. The spinning studio was an instant hit, and quickly Leventhal began to need more space and capacity for music.

So after looking at a few locations to move the spinning studio, she has big plans for Main Street that, in part, include her current location at 50 Main Street next to Bailey Road.

First, Leventhal has acquired a second Main Street space at 54 Main Street next to Pho Thai Express where she plans to relocate her current dance and fitness classes after she completes a large remodel to this new space. The space is blank at the moment, but Amy’s vision is to have a similar look and feel to the clean and modern lines of her current studio. The new space at 54 Main Street is 500 square feet larger than the current space with higher ceilings, and it will include a modular wall to accommodate small and medium classes. The brand new, sleek studio will officially open on Monday, August 1 and regulars and newcomers alike will enjoy amazing opening week specials on class cards.

The current studio at 50 Main Street will transform into a larger spinning studio with six more top-of-the-line bikes for a total of 15. The new space will allow for the introduction of spin/sculpt classes that include 40 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes of abs and arm work. Leventhal says she will keep the total number of spinning® bikes at 15 so that the classes can stay small and individualized. The new spinning studio will open on Saturday, July 2, kicked off with opening week sales and deals from July 2 to 9.

Amy’s expansion vision stays true to her brand of a small, unique and personalized fitness experience. Between both Main Street studios, Studio Zenith will have 18 instructors, including three personal trainers; all are “vibrant, loving and professional,” says Leventhal. In an effort to accommodate regular customers during the transition while 54 Main Street is being built, they plan to move the bikes out of the way and have a 2 p.m. Strengthen, Tone, Condition Class (Bootcamp Style) Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

What else is new this summer at Zenith? Inside you will find a small retail section that will have a selection of Zenith tank tops, sweatshirts and other items. Out in front of the studio at 54 Main Street, there will small bistro chairs and tables for enjoying an organic mobile juice cart run by Charlotte Root.

Stay tuned to www.studiozenithvt.com for updates, announcements and the new fitness and spinning schedule coming very soon.