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Myk Martinez Art Show Friday April 1

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WAITSFIELD — Myk Martinez’s artwork will be shown Friday, April 1, from 5 – 6:30 at the Three Mountain Cafe in Waitsfield.
Martinez is a multi-media artist known mostly for his cartooning, paintings and photography. He has learned his craft through self taught ritualism; creating at least one form of art a day for over 40 years.
As a Illustrator his cartoons have been featured in local publications throughout Vermont. As well as the nationally-syndicated Comic News Magazine of which, Martinez was also the managing editor.
He has also created lines of greeting cards and prints, and self-published 13 books. Martinez has also been commissioned by local businesses, like Rumanto’s Pizza in Middlebury and Williston, to create work.
As a painter he is moved by the memory of beauty he was not able to capture on film. He is inspired by the wonderful world around him and he attempts to translate that beauty by pushing pigments around on stretched canvas, be it physical or digital.
The paintings in this show were all created in a hyper realistic painting application. The application allows him all the same elements of a real art studio. The paint is realistic, manipulated and blended by the artist. Though a digital format, the painting itself is not digitally enhanced. This application allows Martinez the ability to have his entire studio with him whenever and wherever he is.
He loves painting landscapes and seascapes and is known for his ability to capture color and light. Most of Martinez’s paintings are inspired by Vermont, The Northeast Sea Coast, The Florida Keys and Images from his mind.
Martinez exists to make the world a better, happier place through art. You may see more of his work and/or contact Martinez at and MykMartinez.com
Martinez will be joined by local non-profit “For the love of dogs” There will be a slide show of recently adopted dogs and Lora Hoopes will be giving dog massages. Music will be by Cooie DeFrancesco, a songwriter, vocalist and guitarist.
Refreshments will be available for dogs and humans alike. The event is located at 107 Mad River Green Shops.

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