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From The Principal's Desk: Montpelier High School Principal Mike McRaith took a moment to blog (brag) about recent student accomplishments, called "solon salutes."


A Solon Salute to the MHS participating team members of the Robo-Raiders: Robert Barlow, Kirby Gordon, William Jestes, Daniel Jestes and Harry Wang. Another great season.

A Solon Salute to Josh Golonka and his CVSA Bantam A team who won their State Hockey Championship this weekend. They will represent Vermont in the regional tournament starting March 18. We salute you!
A Solon Salute to the MHS Unified Snowshoeing Team. They had fantastic fun and success at the Vermont State Unified Sports Snowshoeing Tournament at Woodstock Ski Area on Friday. Congrats for a great season to Makenna Young, Katarina Pringles, Curtis Hayden, Sophia Robins, Bobby Powell, Anna Scoppettone, Sabrina Hicks and James Coy. Y’all rock!! Also pictured are all the Unified snowshoers from Union Elementary School, Main Street Middle School and Montpelier High School who participated at the state event. So much fun!! (Mr. McLane).
A Solon Salute and congratulations to the top scorers on the American Mathematics Competition, a very challenging national exam that took place on February 17.  Sixteen Montpelier High School students took up the challenge this year, our first year doing the exam (Mrs. Abrams).

Grades 11/12
1. Kirby Gordon
2. Charlotte Brace
3. Andrew Holt

Grades 9/10
1. Remi Savard
2. Anders Shenholm
3. Matt Koucky