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EDITORIAL: Come To The Mid-Winter Follies!


by Nat Frothingham

About four or five weeks ago my longtime friend Ann O’Brien walked into my office at The Bridge and presented me with a sign that says: “Work on Wonderful.”

What the devil does “Work on Wonderful” mean?

Well, I’m not sure. But here let me try.

My best reading is this. Things are what they are — good, bad, shocking, worse than shocking, intolerable. But in the face of things as they are — why not pile on the positives — and “work on wonderful.”

Way, way back — about half a year ago or more — I mentioned to Donny Osman, our board president — that I thought it might be fun — to put on — and here’s that word again — a “wonderful” variety show to benefit The Bridge.

Donny was up for it. The leadership and staff at the Capitol Plaza Hotel were ready to help. Mason Singer from The Laughing Bear Associates quickly came on board with a lovely poster featuring a painting by artist Heidi Broner. Larry Floersch volunteered to create and print the show tickets. Tom Murphy stepped in to help with the final preparations.And the leadership and staff at the Capitol Plaza Hotel have over and over again given us their time and attention as we’ve imagined a performance space.

Finally, of course, we have the core staff people at The Bridge — Carla Occaso, our managing editor, Michael Jermyn — who is a performer himself who has seen to many of the production details and Marichel Vaught our layout designer and calendar editor who has brought the variety show to the attention of our readers and is handling ticket sales.

Thanks to Donny, thanks to Mason and Heidi, thanks to the Capitol Plaza Hotel, and to Carla and Marichel and Michael here at The Bridge.

And large thanks both to the performers who will sing, play and act and tell stories and share their poetry on February 6.

And a final burst of applause for the wonderful people who will be our audience at Mid-Winter Follies on February 6 at 7:30 p.m. at the Capitol Plaza Hotel.

Don’t wait because tickets are selling fast. Call us at The Bridge at 223-5112 Ext. 12.