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Goddard College Community Radio Holds ‘Speech Week’


PLAINFIELD — Goddard College Community Radio, is devoting eight days and nights to discussions of free speech, hate speech, responsible speech, racist and phobic speech and related topics on January 17-24.

With political speech on the loose across this country and some candidates making extreme statements, the issue of the limits to free speech is looming. Goddard College Community Radio, WGDR/WGDH will be airing a series of programs on the topic, with opportunities for listeners to call into the dialogue.

“This is a time of terrorist fear, racial injustice, police violence, government spying on citizens, and a lot of anger in our nation. How do we protect free speech in that context?” asks Joseph Gainza, one of the station programmers participating in the week.

Public affairs programmers will dedicate programs to speech, exploring it from different angles with different political perspectives. The week will be an exercise in free speech even as some may question whether there are legitimate limits to the First Amendment. Experts in several areas related to public and personal speech will join us to share their knowledge and opinions. Listeners will be encouraged to call-in with their thoughts and questions.

Questions will be explored, such as: “what is the role of news media generally and community radio specifically in protecting speech; are or should there be levels of protection; what is political correctness and how does it affect speech?” Listeners will be asked to send in their own questions.

“Each programmer is designing his or her own show. Formats and topics will vary widely”. Jim Hogue, host of The House at Pooh Corner on Mondays at 9 a.m. provides a sample of the spectrum of programs which will discuss speech. He says: “To start a war you have to lie. To stop one you have to tell the truth. Are governments free to say what they want, even if what they say is a lie? Is it responsible journalism to report lies as truths?”

For information about what shows will be participating, what their topics will be, and when they will be aired and webcast, go to www.wgdr.org and the station’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/WGDR/WGDH.


WGDR (91.1 FM and 91.7 FM) is a noncommercial American radio station licensed to Plainfield, Vermont. WGDR, owned by Goddard College Corporation, is a hybrid college/community/public radio station, broadcasting a freeform format. Founded in 1973, it is the oldest non-commercial community radio station in Vermont. Over 60 local volunteers contribute to each week’s broadcast, providing music and public affairs programming that reflect the unique and independent spirit of Central Vermont. Call 800-646-9437 toll free or locally at 454-7762.