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Film Review: Brooklyn


by Daniel A. Neary, Jr.

Since I deliberately conducted no research for this review, I find it difficult to formulate generalizations about its contents.

This movie is so good that you don’t need research to appreciate the power and tenderness contained in this story of a young, beautiful Irish woman who migrates to America and falls in love with an Italian. He likes baseball, especially when it is played by the Dodgers. Most of the action takes place in a rooming house for young women. The acting is terrific, especially that performed by the female lead (Saoise Ronan).

Also, the transitions are carefully woven, which makes for extra smooth scene changes.

The ending is telegraphed early in the movie, but waiting for the ending is worth it.

Overall: powerful portrait of life in a boarding house.

High ratings: Four stars.

The Director is John Crowley. Writers are Nick Hornby (Screenplay) and Colm Toibin (Novel)

Brooklyn will be playing at The Savoy Theater in Montpelier through January 17.