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LETTERS: 12.3.15


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Hey Bridge, Rep. Kitzmiller, Say “I Apologise”


I read your story and found it informative and positive. I was shocked however that you printed highly the insulting comments from Rep. Warren Kitzmiller. The owners and tenants of the mall work very hard to provide the best atmosphere and value to the residents of Central Vermont. Your choice to print his ignorant comment that he only goes there to get “cheap plastic crap” is an insult to us all, especially the merchants. It is also a very negative reflection on you and your publication.

He and you owe us an apology.

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Ken Simon, Heidenberg Properties Group, Closter, New Jersey

Editor’s note: The Bridge cannot rightly apologise for publishing someone’s opinion. Nor can it ever be part of The Bridge’s mission to censor opinions. However, The Bridge can express the sincere hope that the proprieters, shoppers and owners of the Berlin Mall have a terrific holiday season — financially, spiritually and with friends and family. (I took a quick poll and all of us at The Bridge offices shop at the mall on occasion.) 


Israel and Palestine: An Alternative Story


At a recent presentation in Norwich, two medical doctors, Alice Rothchild, a Jewish-American activist with Jewish Voice For Peace, and Palestinian author and activist Hatim Kanaaneh, gave up-to-date, eye-witness accounts of Israel’s ongoing abuse and oppression of Palestinians. Mainstream news, they said, including public TV and radio, is often subsidized by pro-Israeli interests, and thus heavily biased. Ms. Rothchild suggested visiting any of three alternative online blog-sites: Mondoweiss, +972 and Electronic Intifada, for a very different take on oppression and hope.

Neville Berle, Montpelier


Support Carbon Tax


I write to support a carbon pollution tax on fossil fuels coming into Vermont.

I find it incomprehensible that major fuel producers and distributers are allowed to profit from providing energy that contributes to global warming and are not held responsible for the cost to society and the world. Climate change is a reality that is undeniable. Good citizens must take action to mitigate the greatest tragedy of human history.

The increase of CO2 is causing the strengthening and frequency of storms. Sea levels are rising and the oceans are becoming warmer and more acidic. All of this adds up to catastrophic consequences for humanity. I have three grandchildren. I shudder to think what their lives and future will be like, especially if we do not take decisive steps now to curtail the use of fossil fuels.

Vermonters who oppose a carbon pollution tax cite economic consequences, but do not take into account the short and long-term costs of adding more CO2 to the atmosphere. They do not address the fact that most of the money spent on fossil fuels leaves the state because none of the fuels are produced here. I for one would rather see that money stay in Vermont. This is money that could be used to enrich our communities, businesses and individuals. The carbon pollution tax will be used to reduce other taxes in the state on our businesses and individuals. It’s a win-win.

Let us pull together as citizens to encourage the leaders of the world, our country, and our state to place a price on carbon pollution.

David Murphy, Montpelier


Spend Fewer Tax Dollars, Mr. Smith!


Recently, Vermont Speaker of the House Shap Smith chastised Vermont Yankee for accessing the decommissioning fund to “pay its bills.” Vermont Yankee, no longer in the business of making electricity,  now must remain solvent and meet the requirement to safely decommission the plant. The federal government is the final decider in decommissioning trust fund spending, and it has permitted retiring plants to access the decommissioning funds to pay bills.

How about Shap Smith stop raking leaves into the wind by spending less of our tax dollars in the endless challenges against Vermont Yankee? Perhaps his drive to “protect” the trust fund balance should be redirected to ending the State of Vermont’s heavy taxation and our growing debt.

George Clain, Barre


Pondering Pipeline Public Relations


I have been pondering the meaning of what Vermont Gas and the Department of Public Service mean when they use catchy lines and phrases to convince the Vermont Public Service Board and Vermonters that the Addison “Natural” Gas Project is actually in the interest of Vermonters and current VGS ratepayers. Here is what I have come up with as a translation guide for those who are as confused as I was:

What VGS says: “On-schedule”

What VGS means: Two years late

What VGS says: “On-budget”

What VGS means: Twice the proposed cost

Jane Palmer, Monkton