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Indigenous Wabanaki Harvest School To Be Held


MONTPELIER — The Center for Integrative Herbalism, in collaboration with the Seeds of Renewal Project; will present on a full day of educational activities Nov. 7.  They include a virtual tour of ancient domesticated and wild crops used by the Abenakis and their neighbors; drying and storing the harvest; heritage seeds and native-style seed saving, native cuisine, including tips on how to create a  Wabanaki-themed harvest feast with commercially available foods. 

The Harvest School combines illustrated lectures, hands-on lab experiences, music, video and storytelling to bring the history and culture of Wabanaki food harvest to life. The program begins at 9 a.m.

For more information on Seeds of Renewal content, contact: Fred Wiseman, wisem@vtlink.net. To register, contact Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism at http://www.vtherbcenter.org/community-classes/special-events/ or call 224-7100.