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LETTERS: 10.1.15


Montpelier ‘Bike’ Path?


I was reading the article on the Montpelier Discount Beverage and the ‘bike path.’ Do we really have a bike path in Montpelier? You can find it in name but that is about all. To me there three sections of bike path, all used differently. Department Of Labor/Bailey Avenue section seems to be used by parents with young children learning to ride and an occasional Montpelier High School student. The section from Bailey Street to Taylor Street is a walking path rarely a bicyclist to be seen. The section down Stone Cutters Way is busy with walkers and some bicyclist; but more often than not the bicyclist are in the road and it is not unusual to find them riding against traffic. I see plenty of bicyclists on Route 2, on State Street to Main Street; on Main Street in either direction, on Elm Street and out Route 14. We have plenty of bicyclists although I don’t sense they are much interested in the bike path even when it leads somewhere like the co-op. My observations are the bike path is really a walking path and it makes more sense to rename it.  Any expenditures to increase ease of use and safety for bicyclists in Montpelier might be better directed toward the roads they are using.

The problem intersection fails at rush hour, and could begin to be addressed by allowing only right turns out of Barre Street, Stone Cutters Way, Montpelier Beverage Center and Shaw’s Supermarket onto Main St during that time. In addition, vehicle traffic would flow more smoothly if pedestrian traffic were better managed by eliminating pedestrians straggling in 1 and 2s at will across the numerous Main Street crosswalks causing many interruptions in rush hour traffic flow.

Russell Frank, Montpelier

Protect the Earth, Reduce Carbon Pollution


I am 16, born and raised in Vermont, and care tremendously about this beautiful planet we live on. My biggest aspiration is to explore as many places as possible in my lifetime! Yet to preserve this beautiful planet, we cannot keep turning a blind eye to the impact humans have had on the climate. Every day it becomes more crucial that we, as a coexisting world, take action to reduce our carbon emissions. What better place than Vermont to help lead this movement?

The Energy Independent Vermont campaign is working hard to put a price on carbon pollution. This will benefit each Vermonter through tax rebates or breaks, create a state fund to support energy efficiency and the use of clean energy, boost our economy as more money is kept within the state, and protect Mother Earth. I am taking ownership of our carbon emissions because I want to see this expansive and beautiful planet in all that it can be. I encourage everyone to reflect on his or her reasons for why we must take responsibility for our planet and our future.

Elan Mayo, Marshfield

Good Column, Larry Floersch!


Just want to let Larry Floersch know how much I enjoyed his column.

Kevin Kelley, Burlington and New York City

(referring to The Bridge’s last issue on the topic of foodies.)

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