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Discover the Peak: Dining at NECI on Main


by Nat Frothingham

MONTPELIER — Six students soon to graduate from the New England Culinary Institute will be strutting their stuff by taking charge of the NECI on Main Street restaurant on Friday evening, September 18 from 5 to 10 p.m.

According to the student managers, already more than 100 reservations have been received.

“Discover the PEAK” are the three words that the six students have chosen to express what they hope to achieve in the dining experience they will offer to the public with the ambitious meal they will be serving at a time of year when freshly harvested food is at its peak of taste and freshness.

The six students are calling their single night of restaurant management “a pop-up event,” a single chance for all of them to work together to manage the restaurant and take responsibility for the food, the menu, the cooking, the service — and ultimately the dining experience they will offer to the public and to their NECI instructors.

In a flyer announcing the “Discover the PEAK” dining event the students say quite candidly, “Things are still being worked on, but you can watch everything come together on Facebook and Instagram.”

The student flyer announcing the event offers a range of menu items already decided on: such as “The Walk Swim Fly Charcuterie” — and what is a “charcuterie”— it’s a serving of cold, cooked meats.

On entrees, the suggestions of what’s to be served is less exact: “Dishes that feature things that walk, swim and fly and photosynthesize” the students say.

Or for dessert, “Carrots and beets and everything sweet.”

“Curious yet?” is the final question on the “Discover PEAK” flyer.

To make a reservation for the (one-night only) September 18 “Discover the PEAK” pop-up (NECI on Main Street) event, please phone 223-3188 or go online to peak@student.neci.edu.