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The Breeze FEATURE: Middle School


by Ruby Singer

Ruby Singer on summer vacation  in Boulder Field, PA
Ruby Singer on summer vacation
in Boulder Field, PA

I, Ruby Singer, am going to 7th grade in three short weeks. Three short weeks until middle school. Three short weeks until a whole life of responsibility, of being somewhere at some time, starts. Three short weeks until my life as a teenager begins, and I couldn’t feel sicker.

When I was little I always looked at “the big kids” (sixth graders) and could never imagine being so tall, and independent, and tall. Yet here I am three weeks away from MIDDLE SCHOOL almost as tall as my mom. As I look back all I can think is, how did I get here? I don’t remember growing, I don’t remember turning into an independent person (that can go into town and run errands by herself). I guess that’s how growing up works, it just happens. It’s not like one day you’re the person you’re going to be for the rest of your life. I guess growing up and seeing my friends grow as well has made me slow down and notice how much has changed.

I think that maturity isn’t the ability to keep your emotions in check, but to be able to let them out. I guess maturity is also finding who you really are, or standing out from the crowd. And that could be anything, like raising your hand to read some creative writing, or challenging the fastest kid in school, or even lending your neighbor a pencil. And to be able to find the people who can help you with that.

I think finding friends that can handle your weirdness and recognize how that weirdness plays into the world is hard. Yeah, I have friends that would sit with me at lunch or help me with my homework. But what you really want are people who tell you how skinny you are when you doubt it. Or someone who would sleep on the outside of the bed because you’re scared that goblins would take you after a scary movie. Or someone who would listen to the plot of the book you’re reading just so you won’t have to wait for the next book alone for a year (torture, and I say that from experience). And sometimes those people don’t play softball with you, or hate your favorite color, and that doesn’t matter. Those are the friends to keep. And those are hard to find.

Don’t even get me started on the pressure of the whole boy-girl thing. Oh geez, that is one of the things I’m a little terrified of. Not that I’m not keeping my eye out for a cute boy, but I mean, I personally think that elementary school is a little early. One of my friends has some sort of relationship with this boy. You know what I mean. But I honestly think it’s just a fake way to feel older and more mature. I want to wait until I find someone I actually like, instead of the closest guy with dimples. 

In all those stories the guy and the girl are perfect for each other and they have this romantic date and they are hooked for life. For example, currently I’m reading this wonderful series, I’m on the third and last book, called “Once Upon the End” (I totally recommend it, it’s by James Riley). With all these (awesome) stories floating around, the expectations are really high. So I’m a little worried that I will be disappointed by the real thing.

In the end, I really am ready, but it just blows my mind that I’m here. I’m here. I’m here. Nope, mind still blown. And to sum up my thoughts in this matter, here is my favorite quote, like, ever:

Be who you are and say what you feel

Because those who mind don’t matter

And those who matter don’t mind

-Dr. Seuss

Ruby Singer lives in East Montpelier and will be starting middle school at U-32 this fall.