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OPINION: The Breeze Newspaper's Puzzling Publication


by Ron Merkin

Is it not blatantly ironic? Montpelier High School students recently wrote and with the cooperation of The Bridge published a special one time issue of a newspaper called The Breeze. In their Opinion column an ex-high school teacher speculated that knowingly or not MHS teachers and administrators may “discriminate against males and reward conventionally female styles of learning and behavior.” But in this very same paper, every article is authored by a female.

This kind of contradictory editorial decision is so puzzling that I can’t help but speculate myself: could it have had something to do with guilt at the oversight or even to use the opinion writer’s words, simple discrimination? (I personally take some offense at what “knowingly or not” strikes me as sexism.)

Editor’s note: Thank you to Ron Merkin for airing this opinion on a public forum that I am gratefully going to run in The Bridge. The Breeze actively sought out and initially had agreements from several young male writers to submit work, but all but one of them dropped out and did not submit work while their female counterparts submitted work and met deadlines. The Breeze welcomed, encouraged and yearned for male writers. The brilliant crossword puzzle was authored by a male student, for which we are intensely appreciative on many levels ranging from it’s complexity to its entertainment value. The Bridge hopes males of all ages will continue to submit work for publication, but we will survive if they don’t. That was one of the many lessons of  publishing The Breeze.

Sincerely, Managing Editor Carla Occaso