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Recycling Resimplified


by Mollie Gribbin and Casey Flynn, Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District

Good news! Recycling is now more available and easier than ever. As new bins pop up all over Vermont (maybe you’ve noticed more recycling options in public spaces), it becomes simpler for the public to “pop” their items into the correct bin.

There are just six items to keep out of the trash:

  • Paper
  • Aluminum
  • Cardboard
  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Hard plastics

By knowing these six items, it becomes simple to put them in the recycling bin instead of the trash. Remember that if the item has food scraps on it, it cannot be recycled. (Happily, food scraps can be put in the compost.) By recycling responsibly, we are keeping valuable resources out of the waste stream, allowing those materials to be remanufactured or reused, and preventing the growth of Vermont’s only operating landfill.

With major components of Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law going into effect this month, those six recyclable materials are now banned from the landfill – so it’s more important than ever to keep them out of the trash. And there’s no extra effort involved, just an extra bin!

While providing accessible recycling receptacles to the public is a big part of the Universal Recycling Law, recycling in homes is also a big factor. Each Vermont hauler and waste management facility now provides recycling to accompany trash collection, without charging an additional line item for the recycling. Apartment buildings, as well as cities, towns, non-profit organizations, schools and households are all required to keep those six recyclable materials out of the trash. Landlords who provide trash pickup must provide a recycling option to their tenants as well.

Inside your home, it is a good idea to have a recycling bin located next to every waste bin in order to store items until they go out to the curb for pickup by the hauler. In the spirit of reusing, an old cardboard box or crate would work well as your indoor recycling container.

The next time you are standing in front of the recycling and trash bins, recall the six items which must be recycled: paper, aluminum, cardboard, steel, glass and hard plastics. Recycling resimplified is here to stay. And, for those who already recycle and want to take it up a notch, the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District provides more recycling options at its Additional Recyclable Collection Center in Barre. For further information and for a flyer listing the six recyclable categories, please visit cvswmd.org or call 229-9383. 

Mollie Gribbin and Casey Flynn are both Outreach Interns at the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District. Say hi to them at the Mountaineers home games, where they are helping to green up the games by reducing waste!