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EDITORIAL: Thanking Our Many Friends


by Nat Frothingham

am writing this note on behalf of our staff and board of directors at The Bridge to express our thanks to the many people who came together to give us a great benefit shindig at the world famous Charlie O’s in downtown Montpelier on July 10.

Charlie O’s is a place where everyone is welcome: young, old, rich, poor, near-rich, near-poor or just happy to be alive. Such was the spirit of open-hearted acceptance that gave us such a great time on July 10 and we thank everyone who came out to the party, hung out at the bar, bought a raffle ticket, listened to Beatles music or in the easy relaxation of the evening — came for a few minutes and left or came and stayed or left and came back again.

The benefit was a success with almost $2,000 raised to benefit The Bridge. Thanks then to our hosts: Jesse Jacobs and the staff at Charlie O’s and talented instrumentalists and singers that brought back the excitement of the 1960s Beatles era.

Thanks also to Glenn Sturgis and Capital Copy for printing our posters and flyers.  And thanks to Joanne Crowley-Watkins and Judy Greenwald for helping us promote the Charlie O’s event at the July 4 Montpelier Farmers Market.

In addition to a couple of us from The Bridge, Oliver Puig from the College of Fine Arts, City Manager Bill Fraser and Chef Louis Gerin (and his distinctly French car) created a poster not unlike the record cover from the Beatles last hit album “Abbey Road,”  released in September, 1969.

One highlight from the July 10 evening was the auction of a rare Curt Gunther photo of the four Beatles in a plush car on their way to or from a performing gig as part of their 1964 USA coast-to-coast tour. At least two or three bidders seriously wanted that Curt Gunther photo which drove up the final auction bid.

That auction and a spirited raffle added materially to the financial success of the evening. Raffle item donors were: Cabot Cheese; “Eat More Kale (Bo Muller-Moore); Unjeans Leggings; Auto Craftsmen; Nutty Steph’s; Cathy Hartshorn;  Alison Signorino:  T&T Truck for Hire;  Green Mountain Life Coarching; Integrative Acupuncture; Adamant Sugarhouse; and Michael Jermyn.

Food for the event was made possible through the generosity of Sharon Allen and Peter Foote at Uncommon Market.  Also through the generosity of Chef Justin Turcotte who is the creative force behind FEAST, the senior nutrition program operating out of the Montpelier Senior Activity Center — a three-way partnership between Just Basics Inc., Good Taste Catering and the MSAC.


At Press Time: Two items from the Old Labor Hall in downtown Barre

In the news — and good news at that — Carolyn Shapiro writes that the Barre Historical Society has recently been awarded a $10,000 grant to help with the renovation of the Union Cooperative Bakery — renamed the “Rise Up Bakery,” part of the Old Labor Hall in Barre. The grant is from the Bay and Paul Foundation and will support the hands-on work of youth (through YouthBuild) to re-do the roof at the bakery. Participating youth will also learn about the struggles and achievement of the Italian granite workers who built the bakery in 1913. Work on replacing the roof will begin this summer in late August.

Also at the Old Labor Hall (46 Granite St. in downtown Barre) is an upcoming July 31 (7:30 p.m.) Joe Hill 100 Roadshow Concert. The concert commemorates the 100th anniversary of Joe Hill’s execution by a Utah firing squad for two murders it is very likely that Joe Hill never committed.  According to concert organizers, “There is little doubt today that Hill was framed for the crimes because he was a foreinger and a well-known activist.” The concert will feature labor, political and protest songs popularized by such folk song greats as Pete Seeger, Ronnie Gilbert, Arlo Guthrie and others. Performers at the concert are touring folk musicians Charlie King, Terry Leonino and Greg Artzner who perform as “Magpie” — also George Mann — as well as the local duo “Anything Goes” — and local performers Mark Greenberg and Ben Koenig. For more information and reservations go to oldlaborhall.org, email info@oldlaborhall.org or call 479-5600.