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LETTERS: 5.21.15


Renewable Energy Not Cutting Carbon nor Slowing Global Warming


Once again some legislators want us all to pay a carbon tax so Vermont can lead the way in carbon reduction. Missing from this rhetoric is the fact that Vermont once DID lead the way: When Vermont Yankee was operating, we had the lowest carbon emissions per capita for electricity production.

Then Vermont Yankee’s power contract expired in March 2012 and the plant closed in December 2014. Vermont went from enjoying a healthy, affordable, steady diet of low-cost, carbon-free power to a brownish mixture of nuclear, hydro, natural gas, coal and oil power, with a garnish of in-state renewable. Research shows that in-state renewable power has grown by just six percent of the total power load since March 2012. That six percent “solution” is really no solution at all climate-wise, because the renewable industry sells its renewable energy credits to out-of-state gas, coal and oil power producers so they can keep pouring smoke into the air and look more “green” than they actually are. If you think the Vermont renewable power industry is leading the way, ask yourself, “leading the way where? And for whom?”

Carbon taxes and renewable energy credits are just one struggling industry’s attempt to get state government to rescue them from having a financially weak product by handing them their competition money. Real carbon reduction will come when New England energy planners prioritize existing high-volume, low-carbon generators like hydro and nuclear. Until then, we will just add tiny amounts of renewable power every year while burning more and more fossil fuels. This is not a problem solver for global warming or for fixing the out-of-control spending in Montpelier.

George Clain, Barre


Come to the Coop Community Meeting


With more than 7,000 member-owners, the Hunger Mountain Coop is among the largest food cooperatives in New England. Cooperative grocery stores are in a time of change throughout the country, and the Hunger Mountain Coop Council, the co-op’s governing board of directors, invites the community to “Meal and Meeting” to learn more. The meeting will include a presentation on “The New Competitive Landscape for Food Co-ops,” and a discussion of potential bylaw changes regarding member-owner decision-making. The meal will be catered by The co-op’s kitchen. This event will be held on Monday, June 1, beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Montpelier Senior Activity Center, 58 Barre St. The event is free of charge and all are welcome. RSVPs are requested; reserve your seat today by emailing info@hungermountain.coop or calling 802-223-8000 extension 202. We hope to see many new faces on June 1

Sylvia Fagin, Hunger Mountain Coop Council Member


Thank You for Supporting the Film Festival


To the Friends of the Green Mountain Film Festival — We would like to thank you for supporting and attending this year’s 18th festival. Your support, attendance and enthusiasm were very appreciated and wonderful for the staff, interns, volunteers and Focus on Film board to witness.

In addition, we want to thank all of our volunteers. Without all of your dedication, hard work and help, this festival wouldn’t exist. The entire festival staff enjoyed working with each and every one of you and hope that you will return to volunteer next year.

And finally, we need to thank all of the businesses in downtown Montpelier and the surrounding areas. Thank you for all of your support — we love sharing our audience with you!

We had a lot of fun planning the program for the festival, and have appreciated reading all of your comments about the individual films, guests, and your overall experience.

The Audience Award for the 2015 Green Mountain Film Festival was “When the Ocean Met the Sky!” We are excited that this year’s award goes to fellow Montpelierite Lukas Huffman.  The second and third place votes went to “Song of the Sea” and “The Road Within.” Thank you to everyone who voted for their favorite film. Due to the festival’s success this year, we are planning on showing a few films this summer. Details are forthcoming, so keep your eye out for new programming. If anyone would like more information about the festival or volunteering please contact us: gmffestival@gmail.com.

Rachelle Murphy, Executive director, Green Mountain Film Festival