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OPINION: Dancing and Singing is Fun and Healthy


by Constancia Gomez

have been lucky enough to dance and sing with many kids around the state since I stopped teaching Spanish full time in a school. I really think that kids learn best when they are happy, and singing is a great tool for teaching. I have been singing Spanish songs with kids, with Spanish Musical Kids around Buenos Aires, Boston, Vermont, Alaska, New York City and California. Mothers,  parents, grandparents and caretakers sing with us and it is so nice to see so many families connecting.

I love to sing and dance with families. It is my passion! I love to see young kids dancing and smiling, being so happy. I have been doing this since 2009, when I became a mother of a beautiful daughter, Lucia. For some reason I could not stop singing to her. Maybe this was because  I come from a musical family.  My grandmother was a music teacher and my mother was a musician. My mom played the piano, the guitar and she used to sing to us all the time, during 12-hour car rides and at the house: Always. My grandmother played piano and sang also. So, I grew up thinking that this was the way everybody did it.

It is proven by many studies that music makes you happy and dancing helps in many ways, like losing weight, reducing stress, fighting depression and much more! So get out there in the living room, sing and dance with your kids and family, like the mayor of Burlington,  Miro Weinberger, came and joined us this past Thursday at the Fletcher Free Library with his wife and daughter! Music is fun and your kids will thank you in the end.

Constancia Gomez is a teacher at PACEM and the founder of Spanish Musical Kids and La Lu Farm.