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New Boutique Brings More Style to Downtown Montpelier


by Ashley Witzenberger, executive director of Montpelier Alive

Bailey Road located at 44 Main St., Montpelier.
Bailey Road located at 44 Main St., Montpelier.


MONTPELIER — There is a buzz in downtown Montpelier about the new women’s clothing store, Bailey Road. Owner Sarah DeFelice invites you to step into a world of high-end fabrics, vibrant colors and unique pieces. Her store offers quality clothing, handbags and jewelry, all at accessible prices. Since opening in April 2014, Bailey Road has also become known for creative window displays that rival any retail window in New York City.

DeFelice and her staff are dedicated to customer service and create a fun environment when you come in to try on clothes. Whether you need stylish clothes for the office, fashions for mommies on the go, or something party-perfect, you will find it at Bailey Road. DeFelice is not a slave to passing fashion trends and believes women should build their wardrobe with quality basics with splashes of special pieces. Her jewelry and accessories have become staples for her regular customers as a way to freshen up any outfit.

Bailey Road is host to many creative events, where shopping becomes social and even more enjoyable. Many of these events cater to significant others looking for the perfect gift for the important women in their lives. It seems like there is always something exciting going on at this downtown store.

DeFelice is from central Vermont and says she is inspired by her family. The name Bailey Road comes from her great grandparent’s farm in Northfield, where DeFelice spent so much time as a child. DeFelice learned the “retail ropes” from years of working in other women’s clothing stores in Montpelier, and the experience prepared her to take a chance to go out on her own to create a career that combines her passion for fashion, her creativity and her love of business. Earlier this month, the 26 year-old was the entrepreneur speaker at a celebration for National Entrepreneurship Week at the State House in Montpelier and inspired others like her to follow their dream of starting a business.

Being busy with her new store hasn’t stopped DeFelice from getting involved in the community and giving back. She jumped right in with the Montpelier Business Association, where she quickly became secretary, and she is already an active member of Montpelier Alive. She has also taken on the task of organizing Montpelier’s “Bag-That-Bag” initiative–a community effort to reduce the presence of disposable plastic bags. Each time a customer declines a bag for a purchase in a participating business, they put a nickel in a jar; the dollars raised are then donated to the Montpelier Food Pantry. Bailey Road is also a sponsor of The Green Mountain Film Festival in downtown Montpelier this year.

The future for Bailey Road looks bright, and DeFelice says she has big plans and will eventually launch an online store. If you haven’t stopped by Bailey Road at 44 Main Street in Montpelier, we recommend you do so soon. You can also find Bailey Road on Facebook, where you can learn fashion tips, find information about store sales, and see details of special events.