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EDITORIAL: The Bridge on Kickstarter


by Nat FrothinghamKickstarterWeb

The Bridge is on Kickstarter with a fundraising campaign.  Our goal is $10,000. Already we’re up and over $3,000 in pledges but we’re in the countdown at the end of a 30-day drive.

We put The Bridge on Kickstarter to reach out to old and new friends who want to support the paper as it works with writers, artists and photographers and report the stories of what’s happening in Montpelier, Barre and all the other communities of Washington County.

Most people have heard about Kickstarter — a way of going online to fundraise for a project in art, comics, theater, publishing, music, dance, fashion, design — and yes, journalism.

According to Kickstarter itself, 8.1 million people have pledged more than $1.6 billion to fund 79,000 creative projects.

Many of the Kickstarter projects are totally new. There’s a project to make a fabulous potato salad that more than reached its goal. There’s a project to make a film that was nominated for an Oscar. There’s a new card game that features “exploding kittens.”

Then there’s The Bridge. where we want to dig in and develop the paper, involve more people, and represent the community with all of its human and natural diversity and wonder, with its entire range of creativity and intelligence, with stories that are worth paying attention to and that deserve our community-wide discussion.

Please help us do that by making a pledge — and you can pledge as little as dollar or as much as you want. But the clock. The clock is telling we have very little time left.

Please, therefore, pledge right now, or if not right now, today.

Here’s how:

  • Go to Kickstarter.com
  • Select: “Search Projects” and type in “The Bridge”. That will bring you to “The Bridge: Free, Independent & Local”
  • Enjoy our video
  • Select the green rectangle that says: “Back this Project.”
  • Choose a donation level from $1 to $5,000

Thanks – in advance.