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Heard On The Street: 2.19.15


U-32 Update, Collaboration with MHS Discussed

EAST MONTPELIER — The U-32 school board adopted learning outcomes at its meeting Feb. 4. The administration will use these to develop assessments and learning opportunities for students. Once this is done, the board will work to align all learning outcomes in the supervisory union.

There was also a short discussion about the Montpelier school board’s discussion of further collaboration or merger with U-32. The U-32 board and the Washington Central Supervisory Union full board would like to hold off on discussions with Montpelier until later this year after the boards have had time to analyze the recommendations from an efficiency study done in late fall.

The board also discussed community use of the U-32 facility. There is a fee schedule used to determine the cost for organizations depending on whether they are educational or civic, local or non-local, non-profit, or for-profit organizations. These fees are used so that U-32 breaks even when the building is used for non-school functions. Groups that wish to use U-32 need to fill in a building use form from the office.

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Posted by Kari Bradley, U-32 school board member, to East Montpelier’s Front Porch Forum. Reprinted here, edited for length, with permission.


New Restaurant Opens On Elm Street

MONTPELIER — Philamena’s Restaurant is now operating in the space formerly occupied by That’s Life Soup at 41 Elm St. Philamena’s, open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., serves breakfast (available all day) and lunch. The cooks also make pasta, sauces and meatballs from scratch that customers can take home for dinner.

The restaurant is named after owner Todd Whitehead’s grandmother, whose family operated a deli on Long Island where Whitehead worked as a youth. Whitehead, of East Montpelier, has worked previously at Kismet in Montpelier and Park Row Café in Waterbury.

Philamena’s serves local products as much as possible, including local meats and cage-free eggs for breakfast dishes, Whitehead said. Lunch fare includes paninis, baked subs, salads, and sometimes risotto. All items are available as take-out. The menu can be seen at philamenas.com.

The restaurant had a “soft opening” in the third week of January and has experienced good lunch traffic, Whitehead reported. The breakfast business is picking up, helped by the fact the 6 a.m. opening is the earliest in the city, he said. When the outdoor farmer’s market starts up this spring, Whitehead said he would be open on Saturdays as well.