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Vermont Nets $33 Million for Early Childhood Education

MONTPELIER – Vermont has been awarded $7.3 million in what is expected to be a $33 million, four-year federal grant to bolster early childhood education offerings for low-income Vermonters, according to information released by Gov. Peter Shumlin’s office.
“This is great news for Vermont, our children, and our economic future. Vermont is one of the top states in America when it comes to early childhood education, and we’re committed to being the best.  We know that investments in our youngest children pay huge dividends in their ability to achieve in school and succeed in life. We will use this $33 million directly to expand access to quality early education for Vermont children most in need.  I congratulate those at Agencies of Education and Human Services, my own staff, and our many grant partners statewide for their hard work in securing these funds for our children,” Shumlin stated in a press release.