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Support Our Community; Contribute to The Bridge


by John Hollar, Mayor of Montpelier

Nat Frothingham and Jake Brown could scarcely have imagined the changes that were about to begin in the world of communication when they created The Bridge 21 years ago.  Soon after their first publication came an explosion of media outlets on cable and the Internet, and not long thereafter began the slow decline of many print newspapers.

Throughout this extraordinary transformation in the way we assimilate news — indeed, in the way we think about news — the Bridge has remained remarkably consistent.  Other newspapers have struggled with their identities as they have tried to adapt to this extraordinary new world of information.  Meanwhile, The Bridge has remained true to its mission of providing relevant, interesting and timely stories about our community.

Few readers of The Bridge have not been touched directly by some story that it has covered, because The Bridge’s reach in our community is broad and deep.  The arts, education, food, politics — is there any aspect of our public lives that has not shown up in the pages of The Bridge?

Some news outlets have become stridently political as a way to remain relevant, in the process exacerbating the cultural and political gaps that characterize many communities.  Not so, The Bridge. It has respected our community’s diverse values and viewpoints, even while occasionally giving a gentle nudge in one direction or another.  Always true to its namesake, it has served to bridge our differences and highlight those aspects of our community that we share and love.

For 21 years The Bridge has provided this service to the community at no cost to its readers.  That is a remarkable achievement.  But of course The Bridge is very costly enterprise that cannot be supported solely by advertising.   

Many of us will give thanks this week for living in a community that shares the values of respect, kindness, service and vitality, among many others.  As you give thanks for the things in your life you value, consider how The Bridge binds us together as a community.

Please consider making a generous contribution to The Bridge — an investment, really, in one of the foundations of our community.

Contributions to The Bridge can be mailed to this address:

The Bridge, P.O. Box 1143, Montpelier, VT 05601 

Please feel free to drop off a check at our office.  We are located on the lower level of Schulmaier Hall on the campus of the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Thank you in advance for considering this request for needed financial help.