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A Passion for Photography


story and photo by Lucas Wilcox, sixth grade, Fayston Elementary School

In his own words:

Selfie by Lucas Wilcox
Selfie by Lucas Wilcox

My name is Lucas and I love photography. This passion started last year when I heard about the Vermont Drinking Water Week photo contest.  Mrs. Morse, a teacher in my class, brought in her camera and took me outside so I could take pictures of the stream and enter them into the contest. The focus was on clean drinking water.  I ended up winning the contest and I’m very happy that I won.

My parents saw how much I like photography and I ended up getting a camera for Christmas. It’s a Canon Powershot SX510.  The camera can take many different kinds of photos, including fish-eye, which makes the photo look round.  It can zoom in really far even though you can’t change the lens. It also has a quick shutter speed. I print most of my photos at home, but when I want them glossy and in different sizes, I use Photo Garden, which is online.  I can have the photos sent to me or I can pick them up on Dorset Street in Burlington. 

I recently entered another youth photo contest.  The category is environmental photos and I can enter up to 20 for this contest. So far I’ve taken pictures of the moon, which I titled “Moon From My Room.” I’ve also taken pictures of trees and sunsets and will choose some of these to enter into the contest. 

Lucas' award-winning photograph.
Lucas’ award-winning photograph.

I’ve done a lot of exploring and experimenting with my camera.  Recently I had the idea of trying a technique that Mrs. Morse described to me, the Bulb Effect. This is when you keep the shutter open and wave a flashlight while taking a picture. I do this by putting my camera on manual, then I can turn it to multi selector, which will control my shutter speed.  The outcome is really cool! 

This is a perfect example of how you can find a passion that you never knew you had. My teacher told me about a contest and from there I have learned a lot and have grown as a photographer.