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Shumlin Still Supports Single-Payer


Shumlin reiterated his support for a single-payer health care system during his press conference Wednesday, Nov. 12 in Montpelier. “I have been committed to single payer all my public life,” he said. “If we move to a single-payer system, it will cost less money for a better outcome.”
As for the technology used to support the healthcare system called Vermont Health Connect that the state has unsuccessfully been trying to get off the ground since April, Shumlin expressed cautious optimism for the new program. The website is on track to be up on Saturday (Nov. 15), Shumlin said, adding that he is “optimistic it will do what we hope it will.” He said it is supposed to be more user-friendly. “I am always hoping the website will work as it is designed to do. Optum fixed Massachusetts and fixed the federal government,” Shumlin said of the company he hired to fix the failed web-based healthcare process put in place earlier this year. The biggest problems occurred for those who had changes in circumstances, such as a change in job or marital status. The new system should be able to handle those changes, Shumlin said.
If you go to the website  today (Nov. 13), you will see:
“Down for Maintenance”
“VermontHealthConnect.gov is currently unavailable due to a period of extended maintenance, but several resources are available to help you select or renew a health insurance plan.