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The Well-Nigh Irreplaceable Carolyn Grodinsky


By Nat Frothingham-

Is there anyone who is truly irreplaceable?
In the abstract I would say, “No, no one is irreplaceable. But Carolyn Grodinsky, our key ad sales rep over the past five or so years–Carolyn comes as close to irreplaceable as anyone I can imagine.
Carolyn, who is leaving to follow a career dream of providing home health care for pets and farm animals–and she has amaz-ing powers in working with critters–Carolyn, who radiates a brilliance that draws people into her orbit, possesses these attributes: friendliness, high intelligence, personal warmth, total honesty, and an impish and irrepressible love of fun. And that was a partial list.
In her time at The Bridge, getting an early glimpse of Carolyn through my window on her way to the door of our office, often with a dog on a leash, or with a treat she had baked for us in her kitchen—that always gave me the anticipation of a good time.
When Carolyn started out she had never sold an ad in her life. None of that mattered. She had tons of friends. Practically everyone in Montpelier knows Carolyn from the farmers’ market, and who wouldn’t want her as a friend? Who would want to refuse her idea for an ad in The Bridge?
As she leaves us, with full and complete honors, to loud and sustained applause, I thank her from the heart for her gifts of personality, hard work, mastery of detail—indeed, for all she did and achieved here.