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Remembering the Local Music Scene of the 1960s

I read and enjoyed my fellow musician, Willy Lindner’s, piece “Until He Doesn’t . . . Recalling music’s role in a changing...

Every Precious Thing

My Christmas tree tells a story of light and dark, of the weighty and sacred sweep of my life.

Letters to the Editor, 12.16.20

Regarding Montpelier Budget Priorities Editor: In a recent article in The Bridge, City Manager Bill Fraser...

Lunch With My Father at the Tao

I will tell you another story about my father, Joachim Lambek, a Jew from Leipzig who escaped from Nazi Germany and ended...

Heard on the Street, 12.16.20

Fisher Road in Berlin Still Closed The Berlin Selectboard has authorized designs on a replacement for the collapsed culvert...

Nature Watch, 12.16.20

Step into the fields or woods. Nature is in its most basic form. Hardwood trees are bare of all their green complexity;...

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Montpelier Clerk Leads Effort to Condemn Title Insurance Lawsuit

An open letter containing signatures from more than 200 municipal clerks, treasurers, and other municipal officials was sent from the Montpelier City...

Hunters Take 6,136 Turkeys in 2020

MONTPELIER — Turkey hunters had a bountiful year in 2020. “Although 2020 will undoubtedly be remembered as the year...

Hike Your Way Through This New Year’s Weekend

MONTPELIER — Put on your insulated hiking boots and strap your snowshoes on your back. Winter hiking season is here!