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Capital City Farmers Market receives grant, will continue operating


The Capital City Farmers Market announced it will continue operating with increased safety provisions at its current location at the Heney Lot at 60 State Street for the duration of the biweekly winter schedule (April 11 and April 25).  Starting in May, the market plans to switch to a weekly schedule at 2 Taylor Street.

Farmers Market Manager Keri Ryan said the market also received a $1,000 grant from the New England Grassroots Environment Fund in part to help create a safer shopping environment.

“(The grant) is to be used for rapid response to COVID-19,” Ryan said. “We will use it to purchase a handwashing station for the market and do some much-needed marketing and advertising to get the word out.” 

As a result of recent state regulations related to COVID-19, the March 28 farmers market offered pre-orders and curbside pickup only at the Heney Lot on 60 State Street.  Going forward, Ryan said, shoppers will again be able to visit the market. 

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“We are enforcing social distancing, and there are marks to indicate where people can stand in line six feet apart,” Ryan said. “All the vendors are wearing gloves and some are wearing masks. There’s hand sanitizer. We’re taking all the precautions that we can.” 

The market will continue to offer curbside delivery and limited home delivery for immune-compromised individuals. 

“We offer curbside delivery if someone is not comfortable getting out of their car. They’re welcome to stay in their car and we will bring it to them,” Ryan explained. “And we also had at least one very generous volunteer who offered to do home delivery, so we did one home delivery last week, and we’ll probably do it again going forward.” 

Ryan said it is vital that the farmers market continue to offer fresh, local foods and produce to the community.

“We want people to know that they have an alternative. If they don’t want to go to a grocery store, just contact your local farmer and come and pick it up,” Ryan said. “We’re out in the open air. It’s better than going into a store where people aren’t being careful about what they’re doing.”

For more information, visit capitalcityfarmersmarket.com/ or email manager@montpelierfarmersmarket.com.